Hopefully by now all Main Members will have received their usernames and passwords.  If for any reason you have not received a username and password, please drop me an e-mail with your name, surname and e-mail address so I can make sure you are registered.


When accessing the site from your browser please type this in full: www.dac-club.co.za


Note: the www. must be typed in.


Please click the “Club Info” menu which will direct you to the section where you log on to the site and get access for content that is “for our eyes only”.


Now... for us... the partners of the main members; as I do not have a list of partners’ names and e-mail addresses I have not registered partners on the website.... yet.


There are two options; either you can use your partner’s access details, or if you are so kind as to drop me an e-mail with the main members, name & surname and your name, surname and e-mail address, I will register you on the site which will give you access to the members area.


Remember, once you have logged in, you can then change your username and password.


Please send all requests as far as registration on the site is concerned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.